End of Key Stage 2

Cohort 2016/17

Number in cohort: 15 (11 boys, 4 girls). All students had an EHCP/Statement.
Number entitled to free school meals: 5
Number of Pupil Premium Children: 10
Number of Looked After Children: 0
Number with English as a second language: 1
Number working below the level of the test: 13

Teacher assessment data

Percentage of Pupils


Below the standard of the pre-key stage*

Working within the Pre-stage foundation Working at Pre-stage early development Working at Pre-stage growing development Working towards the expected standard Working at the expected standard Working at a greater depth at the expected standard

Have not met expected standard for 11 year olds

Reading  7 33 27 27  7
Writing  7 7 27 53 7
Maths 13 33 33 20
Science 100
Progress data*

Reading – 100% of pupils made expected progress
Writing – 100% of pupils made expected progress

*Pupils are assessed using the Bamburgh Preferred Method. Pupils are baselined on entry into school and then placed into progress bands based on this baseline score and their prior attainment.