Here’s what some of our parents and carers say about Bamburgh:

Mulberry Museum

“The children had all sorts on display. Lots of hard work went on behind the scenes.”

Mulberry museum5

“The staff were really nice…we really felt welcome. It was great to be invited. I cannot thank you enough for what you do for my child”

“The children had made a lot of effort on all their work. He was very interested in the subject and was very talkative about it at home.”


Christmas Story Time

“Lovely idea, friendly environment, good opportunity for parents to meet staff, would come again.”

“…it was a brilliant opportunity for me to meet all the other children in her class. I enjoyed looking around the class and seeing all the childrens’ work. Story time is a brilliant idea for teachers and parents to interact with the children.”


“We really enjoyed this visit it was lovely sitting with the children and hearing the story together. I liked how the children were involved in the story telling by holding up and characters and the cozy igloo is brilliant….We would definitely come to something like this again.”

“…it was nice to see him with his school friends…I don’t always get to meet his friends or their parents…,so this event was good for that and to see his classroom without a formal parent meeting.”

“I thought this was a nice way to see how the teachers and support staff work and interact with the children and to see and meet the other childrens’ parents.”

“It was really nice to see all the children and parents together and enjoying themselves.”