Bamburgh’s Early Years Curriculum

At Bamburgh School our Early Years Curriculum is based on ‘Launchpad for Literacy’

This gives us a skills based approach to closing the gaps in our pupils’ knowledge by providing Literacy interventions for lower attaining children, allowing them to approach Literacy readiness at an appropriate pace for each individual.

Using ‘Launchpad for Liteacy’ staff at Bamburgh are able to:

  • improve outcomes in the Early Years and beyond by creating firm foundations and a broad base of readiness, addressing whole school attainment issues from the ‘bottom-up.’
  • identify and close specific skill gaps with individuals and vulnerable groups, assessing, tracking and quantifying the process of closing the gap.
  • identify speech, language and other developmental needs as soon as possible and to embed specific skill-based intervention into practice and ‘Quality First Teaching.’
  • have a greater level of diagnostic capability, establishing reasons and solutions to underpin informed interventions when literacy acquisition is problematic.

For further details, please contact P. Baxendale (Primary Lead)