School Governors – Pen Portraits

One of our staff governors, Chris Bingham, talks about his background and why he became a governor.

My name is Chris Bingham and I am a staff governor at Bamburgh School. I have taught at Bamburgh School for 4 years, and have over 12 years teaching experience working in SEN schools and have previously acted as staff governor for 3 years at my previous school. At present, I am a pastoral tutor to a year 10 nurture class, as well as teaching maths and English in keystages 3 and 4, although I have a range of teaching experience in keystages 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I am passionate about providing opportunities for our pupils to excel both academically and socially, and have a particular interest in pupil and staff wellbeing, as well as pupil’s social and emotional development. As part of my staff governor role, I am part of the staff wellbeing committee, which I was instrumental in setting up.

I sought to become a school governor as I feel I have both the experience, skills and desire to make a positive impact on the continuing success of the school, and play an active role in the school community. Examples of this include organising the Send My Friends to School campaign and delivering whole school assemblies on issues such as Fairtrade and child poverty as well as taking part in whole school Christmas productions. I have also delivered staff CPD on behaviour for learning as part of staff in service training – this is an area that I am extremely passionate about.

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